Synod of Thieves

The Court of Thieves on Display. Can you find those who are not thieves?
The Court of Thieves on Display. Can you find those who are not thieves?

Breaking from tradition, I have been told delegates did not sing Psalm 133 (No. 280 in the Bible Songs: “Christian Unity”). Instead, with hearty voices, the delegates gleefully sang,

A thieving we will go
A thieving we will go
Hi-ho, the derry-o
A thieving we will go.

Actually, they sang the ditty a number of times.

To the Ends of the Earth Together — to Thieve!

And that is exactly what the ecclesiocrats on the dais of General Synod (Kyle Sims, Patrick Malphrus, Mark Miller, Ben Glaser and others) led the delegates to do! The General Synod now exalts thievery to a Christian virtue. Think of it: thieving in the name of Jesus! Just like their brothers in the PCUSA who confiscate and steal buildings, land, and money from those who disagree with the party-line.

Still Following the Money!

In the last issue of ARPTalk (Follow the Money!), I said the financial assets of Second Presbytery were up for grabs. However, I didn’t think action would be taken so quickly. The modus operandi of General Synod is to kick issues down the road for a year or more. So, why the swift response? Well, didn’t I say there was $6,000,000 in assets up for grabs? I’m sure the votes were counted before the opening of Synod! The manipulators are good at what they do!

The issue is that mundane and tawdry! As Chairman of the Committee on Stewardship of Second Presbytery, Chuck Wilson lined up sales of the properties of closed churches over the past six years. This process raised $6,000,000 for Second Presbytery, and then he devised ways to protect the assets from greedy hands.

Meanwhile, the decades-long division and drama in the Wilson family (his oldest two daughters are crossways with and in conflict with their mother, father, and their three younger siblings) was never a secret. No one cared until the self-righteous ecclesiocrats came up with a plan to go after the $6,000,000 and excise Chuck Wilson, the thorn in their flesh. The ecclesiocrats can’t raise money (or, as recent history has revealed, manage money), but it seems they know how to lead the ARP sheep in the unrighteous art of thievery.

Ecclesiocrats are always fools, fakes, failures, frauds, gaslighters, and especially mountebanks. I am willing to make the following prediction: in three years the $6,000,000 will be squandered by the ecclesiocrats in the name of Jesus!! They ain’t never had so much money to play with! They’ll be like drunken sailors on shore leave in Bangkok.

The hypocritical and self-righteous ecclesiocrats led the delegates at Synod to engage in what is the equivalent of a Junior High food-fight in the cafeteria at the North Carolina School for Special Children. The meeting was directed by Sims and Malphrus, and other members of the Catawba Mob. You know, Sims and Malphrus are the high proponents of decor in church business!!

The debacle of Synod is difficult to describe. I will give a few impressions.

The Corroded Mic Award

One, the meeting of the General Synod was “The Sims and Malphrus Show.” On more than one occasion, I have received the “Corroded Mic” award for speaking the most at General Synod from timekeepers; however, I have never been accused of being the whole show. Sims and Malphrus and their comrades in the Peoples’ Presbytery of Catawba were the show!

The Nature of an Accusation

Two, accusations against Chuck Wilson are unproven. Where is the proof? Chuck Wilson has never been arrested. He has never been put on trial by the state for anything. Chuck Wilson has never been in jail. In the words of the old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef!” And since the question is being asked, “Where is the testimony (tape and video) of Wilson’s wife and the other three children who adamantly dispute what their sisters said?” Here’s a question: “Does his two daughters bear grudges with their mother and the three other siblings?” Yes, they do, and that is what they said in their testimonies! The response of the older daughters to the M&HW Committee of Second Presbytery when they learned Mrs. Wilson and the other three children were interviewed was, “How dare you! No one can question our word!”

Indeed, the testimonies of Mrs. Wilson and the three younger children were ignored and buried. The evidence did not fit the narrative of those who are the cult leaders of the ARPChurch: the ecclesiocrats.

The interesting thing about an accusation is it does not have to be true or proven to work. What if someone were to accuse Chuck Wilson of being a homosexual who was the leader of a coven of homosexuals who spit on the cross and worshiped the dark lord of hell on full moon nights by drinking blood out of a skull? You see, a bell rung is a bell rung! You say, “This is beyond the pale! It can’t happen!” No! it isn’t beyond the pale! It did happen. This is exactly what happened to the Templars. King Philip IV of France was deeply indebted to the Templars, and he wanted their lands and wealth. So, the French King enlisted the the Bishops of the Medieval Church to do his dirty work to destroy the Templars in the name of Jesus. Remember, follow the money!

I think the illustration proves the point. A false accusation is sent forth to destroy by someone with an ax to grind and an agenda to hurt, especially if powerful allies can be found. Everyone knows there is no love lost between the ecclesiocrats and Chuck Wilson! Every one know that Sims and Malphrus are close friends who own the political power in General Synod. They control the agenda and the flow of information. Every one knows Chuck Wilson has been a thorn in their side. Everyone knows that Chuck Wilson has been a lightning rod since 2008. So, what is the plan to shut him down? And, by the way, both men told Chuch Wilson they were going to silence him!

Now, let me make it very clear: the story about the Templars is an illustration. So, let me state which I know: I know the ecclesiocrats to be liars, manipulators, slow bellies, and power- hungry men who are willing to participate in thievery in the name of Jesus and do anything to destroy Chuck Wilson. The evidence for my accusation is self-evident and will be further demonstrated in the near future as they oversee the disbursement of Second Presbytery’s $6,000,000 in total assets (monies, stocks, and loans due).

A Kangaroo Court

Three, it is said that I escaped discipline when I renounced the authority of the Executive Board and withdrew from the ARPChuch (not the Church of Jesus). For the first time in 50 years, I was faced with the realization that the denomination I loved is broken beyond repair and led by men who are craven mountebanks, self-serving narcissists, and lovers of the ecclesiastical rings of power more than Jesus. No, no! If I have a choice (and I do), I am not going to subject myself to a Manhattan court where Judge Juan Merchan presides, the jury is a gaggle of people who despise me (and I don’t much like them, either), and the names of the game are lawfare and lawlessness. At that point, whatever semblance the Executive Board had to a court of the Lord Jesus Christ is accidental and not intentional! In the spirit of Dave Crockett, “You can go to hell; I’m going to Seneca!”

Money to Canada

Four, next year the Canadian Presbytery will become its own denomination (and basically a denomination of one viable congregation). It was pointed out this year at Bonclarken how hard and expensive it is to plant new congregations in Canada. And, you know, the poverty stricken Canadians just don’t have much money. Well, the same can be said of planting churches in the US.

Can the reader see it coming? The argument is going to be this: “We can’t send our brothers out without resources. Let’s give them a gift from the $6,000,000 we have obtained by thievery from Second Presbytery.” Indeed, such hypocritical generosity is easy when it doesn’t come out of the giver’s pocket. Yes, let us give money to the Canadian congregations who have never participated in the DMF. You see, Canadian congregations can’t legally send money to the USA. But let the Canadians beware! Money obtained by thievery comes with a curse!

The $6,000,000 was raised for planting congregations in Second Presbytery. The documents are readily available for anyone who looks for them. Any other use of the money is theft and SIN, a violation of the Eighth Commandment. Yes, let me repeat, when one invents and uses political chicanery to seize the assets of another party by lawfare, it is theft and SIN, it’s the method of Democrat and socialist politicians — the definition of an ecclesiocrat.

The Greatest Debacle on Earth

Five, the ARP News (the voice of the ecclesiocrats) spoke glowingly of unity and working togather at Synod. That’s not what it looked like or sounded like (remember this show was live streamed). The ecclesiocrats were too busy shouting, cutting people off, and making a spectacle to notice the division and the fine and wonderful laughing stock the meeting of Synod was.

Well, you say I don’t believe you. Well, read below the comments posted by Pastor James Hakim.

The next item of business was specifically scheduled for this time. Index 11 "Special Committee to Investigate Second Presbytery's Handling of Allegations Against Chuck Wilson." There were several requests to rule the report out of order. I agree that it was out of order—especially because it accused men of sin, convicted them in the "court" of a committee report, and then offered no judicial procedure but the administrative "solution" of dissolving a presbytery—without charging the individuals in their courts of original jurisdiction. It was surprising to see how the men bringing the accusations insisted that all these irregularities be ignored, including an attack upon a speaker by the acting parliamentarian, given with not only intemperate language ("stonewalling... minutiae... stinks to high heaven") but even fiery/angry manner and tone. I had never seen a parliamentarian take the podium himself and act like that. ( 2024/06/2024-general-synod-day-2-recap.html)

James, the rules are only for the little people — the powerless! Ecclesiocrats make it up as they go — they have the POWER! You don’t!

Chuck Syndrome

Since the Synod meeting of 2008, there is a disease that has infected and spread throughout the ARPChurch: CHUCK SYNDROME. Its symptoms are varied: fear, anger, uncontrollable shaking, and catatonic seizures.

Why such reactions?

Well, Wilson has attempted to slay the sacred cows of the ARPChurch. For those in the past who had a liberal theological bent or who were hardcore legacy traditionalists (i.e., “ARP yesterday; ARP today; ARP forever!”) the sacred cow was Erskine College & Seminary. The liberals hated Wilson because he exposed theological heresy and called for change. The legacy traditionalists hated him because he spoke ill of “our beloved school.” As an old traditionalist said, “Yes, it’s a mess, but it is our mess; we don’t talk about it in public.”

The evangelicals hate Wilson for exposing their sacred cow: World Witness. Lately, Wilson has dared to criticize World Witness. Wilson pointed out that World Witness is no longer in the business of advancing the ARP footprint on the mission field. According to Alex Pettett, the planting of ARP congregations on the mission field is “religious imperialism.” So, money and people are sent to help the Baptists and Independents who know what they are doing. Money and people are also sent to help the old European Reformed denominations which are theologically corrupt in order to revitalize a tiny congregation here-and-there (and good luck with that!). World Witness has become nothing more than a transfer bank for moving money and people to other parachurch organizations in the name of “partnership.” But we don’t speak ill in public of World Witness and those who seem to be taking long, all expenses paid, vacations to various parts of the world!

The neo-Puritans also hate Wilson for he poo-poos the sacred cow of Puritan ministry. Wilson says most of the neo-Puritans coming into the ARPChurch are second-tier men who can’t find a congregation in the PCA, so they settle on small, dying congregations in the ARP Church where they become slow bellies, read books, and prepare sermons for Puritan congregations in England and Scotland which are long dead. They have become the mortuarists of their congregations.

For those at Synod who call Chuck Wilson a cult leader: you most assuredly have a symptom of Chuck Syndrome. You need to see a psychiatrist and get meds.

When it was announced the report of the Special Committee passed, there were rapturous exaltations by many — cheers, congratulatory hand-shakings, gleeful smiles, and voices saying, “We finally got that troubler of the ARPChurch!” Yes, jubilations, hallelujahs, and what appeared to be dancing.

Are there spiritual men in the ARPChurch? Galatians 6.1 reads, ”Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness.” Has anyone attempted to do that? No one in the last year! I wonder: are the ecclesiocrats afraid of Chuck? Are they afraid of a 78-year-old man who is disabled, legally blind and unable to drive, who is a diabetic, who suffers from multiple back injuries and knee surgeries, who has survived a bout with cancer, who has survived a recent heart attack, who is being treated for amyloidosis and congestive heart failure, who has been told to prepare to die, and who struggles to walk up stairs? Boys, you’re fakes and failures, and you are the definition of a coward!

Dissolve Second Presbytery

Why dissolve Second Presbytery? To get the money, of course! If some say, “It’s not about money,” well, you can bet it’s about money! The ecclesiocrats are always slow bellies. Why work for something when it can be easily obtained by thievery.

Since Chuck Wilson has been a part of Second Presbytery for nearly 50 years, Second Presbytery must be dissolved in order to efface his memory and influence. Second Presbytery is polluted and must be eradicated for it is a toxic waste dump.

The attitude is this: in the name of sweet Jesus, let us destroy the reputations of members of Second Presbytery’s Minister and His Work Committee who did their work faithfully but did not return with the report the ecclesiocrats wanted. The action of Synod was to condemn them without due process. The M.O. of the ecclesiocrats is to smear reputations and call those who disagree with them “the cult followers of Chuck!”

Nonsense! The ecclesiocrats are little, petty people!

Let me give a warning to John Cook, John Calvin Grier, Brion Holzberger, Seth Yi, and other people who know me: FLEE! YOU ARE THE NEW TARGETS!!

Thieves are also liars. They have already disregarded the protocols of procedure at this Synod and will most certainly come after any friend or acquaintance of Chuck Wilson or anyone who disagreed with their ecclesiocratic manhandling and misrepresentation of this matter. When they say there will be no retribution, you can trust that there will be retribution! Once again, flee from their wrath, for it is as insatiable as fire!!


According to President Steve Adamson and the Erskine Report, Erskine is in great financial health. This is like President Biden saying the economy of the US is in great shape, or a physician saying to me, “Of all my really sick patients, you’re in the best shape!”

President Adamson continues the infamous tradition of “lying presidents.” I’m told there are 133 degrees in the sacred order of gullibility, and the delegates of General Synod have achieved all 133 steps. Their attitude: “We’re here to hear about the wonderful things going on in the ARPChurch.”

Questions regarding Endowment

Unwittingly, the Erskine Report last year revealed the state of the Erskine Endowment. See below ( 2023/11/07/the-rise-of-the-carpchurch/).

I don’t think they meant to do it, but in the Erskine board’s report to General Synod, the level of the endowment was accidentally revealed. One has to do a little math, but it’s easy. The relevant paragraphs read:

A portion of Erskine’s 2022-23 revenue comes from contributions raised through the Advancement Office and investment resources from the Endowment. As of February 2023, the funds for the fiscal year 2022-23 that have come through the Advancement Office ($1.4 million) and from the Endowment ($1.1 million, a 6% endowment draw) reflect diligent fundraising and the exercise of care in financial stewardship. As part of the stewardship pillar of the plan, the Institution is returning to its internal stewardship policy of a 5% Endowment draw for the fiscal year 2023-24, with the goal of reducing the draw even further in the future.

So, a $1.1 million draw was taken from the endowment for operational expenses, and that represents a 6% draw on the endowment, then the endowment was about $18.4 million. Now, reduce the $18.4 million by the $1.1 million draw, and the present endowment is about
$17.3 million.

This year we find out the endowment is back to over 40 million dollars. What? How did that happen?

Well, what is the endowment? When I was on the Erskine board, the endowment was defined as monies in an account called “Endowment.”
The definition has changed. The endowment now is the account called “endowment,” plus designated accounts, plus IOUs that are held, plus lost money (like the $1,000,000 lost to Icelaven, not yet put on the books), plus the value of the buildings, and plus the value of the land in Due West. That will easily total over 40 million dollars. But what will a 5% draw do the account called “endowment,” the only place where there are liquid assets? This is a $2,000,000 draw on the liquid assets. Think of it! A $1,000,000 loss in a flim-flam scheme in charter schools and a $2,000,000 draw from the endowment. That equal a $3,000,000 draw in 2024. Unless my math has failed me, this means the account called “Endowment” (the only place where there are liquid assets) is about $15,000,000.

What kind of math do they use?

More Problems

  • Was anything said about Erskine’s continuing trouble with SACS?
  • Was anything said about the demise of the seminary? Bowie Hall is no longer “the Seminary building.” Bowie is now the office building for faculty members (college and seminary).
  • Was anything said that the seminary is nearly a seminary without students?
  • Was anything said about the many layoffs? Was anything said about the college Registrar and her assistant leaving?
  • Was anything said about the many faculty and staff who have taken pay reductions in order to have jobs?

Yes, ARPs, give another $380,000 to Erskine to the glory of God. As you are led by your ecclesiocrats, remember they are great managers of money.

Indeed, President Adamson, Erskine is in great financial shape! What else will you misrepresent?


I apologize for the length of this article. Reporting on General Synod was like attempting to swallow a giant watermelon in one gulp. I hope my reporting is both informative and entertaining. ARPs don’t like entertaining. They are about the serious business of the church — with royal dignity! I like entertaining! And I bet they won’t get what I just did.

With a few remaining thoughts, I am,


Charles W. Wilson


  1. Bo Raulerson on June 20, 2024 at 2:10 pm

    Thank you sir, for your view of our mess.

    • Charles Wilson on June 20, 2024 at 2:41 pm

      Dear Bo,

      Good to hear from you.

      Yes, it’s a broken mess!

      Warmest regards,

      Chuck Wilson

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